Premium Support Service: Enhance Your Workspace with Sourcery Experts

At Sourcery, we are here to help! Invite our specialists into your workspace or project, and we can assist you with a number of day to day tasks!

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Disclaimer: By adding [email protected] to your Workspace, project or collection, you agree to our Terms of Service (ToS) and authorize us to make changes within your Workspace as well as see project and collection information.

Introduction: Sourcery's Premium Support Service is designed to offer personalized assistance directly within your project, collection or workspace. Our experts are equipped to handle a range of tasks. All fees incurred through this service will be conveniently billed on a monthly basis.

Itemized Services and Fees

Building CollectionsOur experts can help add new products into your workspace and create collections.$5/Product
Building ProjectsOur team can assist in the initial setup and structuring of your project.  This includes importing data from excel, setting up permissions and inviting users.$50/Project 
Workspace SetupFor premium workspaces only. Our team can assist with workspace setup, including project templates, collection templates and anything else needed to get you moving. $50/Workspace
PricingOur Sourcery Assistant will coordinate budget pricing through your local agent on your project as needed.FREE :)

Unlimited Plans and Fees

Sourcery Unlimited SupportOur Unlimited Assistant will support your team in building and adding products to collections or projects, as well as setting up and organizing projects or workspaces. We're committed to managing the details, ensuring that your projects are not only well-organized but also seamlessly integrated within your collections, creating a cohesive and efficient work environment.$395/Mo./Workspace

How to add a Support Service team member.

Start by accessing the admin console in the workspaces menu.

Click on invite members.

Invive [email protected] as a "Creator" and leave us a note on what you would like done and who will be the main contact.

"Hi Sourcery team - I need a collection built that encompass our key down lights from our line card - Jane smith will be the main contact"

For any further assistance or inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team([email protected]). We're here to ensure your experience with Sourcery is nothing short of exceptional.

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